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There are many products available for the angler today.  There are simple things like terminal tackle-  Hooks, sinkers, plugs, jig heads.  There are also many more exotic items like scented baits, spray on and rub on scents, special noisemakers to attach to existing jigs and plugs, and others.  We use only a few different plugs and soft plastic baits, as well as a few different umbrella rigs for our fishing.  You can have a ton of stuff but I bet you only use a few of those items all the time.  Take a look at some of them we have listed below.

Services businesses are here to stay in the US.  The advent of jobs moving out of the country has left that as one of the few segments that is growing and not shrinking in size.  There are many businesses providing services for fishing and boating support around the United States.  We have chosen a few of them to put on our list here as a resource to you.  Scan the page, something might catch one's eye.

We like to travel to different places and go fishing.  There are a whole bunch of fishing destinations around the world and within the USA as well.  Fishing in the Florida keys is really great, catching snook and redfish.  Fishing in Central America is also a lot of fun as they have very plentiful fisheries, not having been exploited as much as ours here in the US.  We also like to boat in remote locations.  Here is a listing of travel resources and locations that in some cases have great fishing.